RIP Jackson/lizard jokes

you shall be missed


I want Posey to find out about Scisaac.  

Just think of the shit he’ll do.

Cause that bitch is fearless.

Daniel would just go with it because he’s chill as fuck.

Posey probably go out of his way to out do Tyler and Dylan.

But then Dylan wouldn’t stand for that shit.

And they would go back and forth…

And it would be awesome.


all the best ships hurt

#that’s how you know it’s working

 #it’s not an otp until i’m crying


 otp - only tears & pain

I always wonder “If I die, how would my internet friends find out?”


Jared’s practically like a brother to me, so it’s hard to see him in those kinds of scenes. Those days are very taxing. -

Jensen Ackles / All Hell Breaks Loose Part 1 / Supernatural Magazine Issue #15 (via j2-a-day)

I always wondered what was going on in Jensen’s head as they filmed Sam’s death scene - as he was holding Jared’s body upright, watching his eyes go vacant, and then hugging him, holding him desperately, rocking him, begging and crying into his hair. And logically he knew, he was acting, they both were, but the air was cold, so Jared’s skin was cold, and through all the layers of clothing he couldn’t feel Jared’s heartbeat, hard as he tried he just couldn’t, and -

- and when the director yelled cut, and Jared suddenly wasn’t limp anymore, again vibrating with life and that inesaurible energy of his, Jensen didn’t let go. He had one hand fisted in Jared’s jacket, and the other buried in his hair, and his face against his neck and he was still crying, chest constricting painfully as he tried to stop. And Jared felt it, and stilled, and was tense for a moment, puzzled, and then he got it - and Jensen felt him turn his head and raise his arm, waving away someone, wordlessly telling the crew, give us a moment.

And when Jensen finally pulled back, clumsily wiping at his eyes, trying for an embarrassed smile and utterly failing because his hand was stained with fake blood, and he felt sick to the stomach - then Jared grasped his face in both hands, and forced him to look up, and looked him in the eye, his gaze so limpid, alive, luminous, Jared. And he smiled, slow and sweet and secret, just for Jensen, and grasped Jensen’s hand - the one still loosely buried in his hair - and moved it lower, placed it on his neck, on his pulse. And he just waited, smiling, thumb rubbing soothing circles on the back of Jensen’s hand, until Jensen found his way back from Dean’s dark world, the one where the most important person in his life had just died in his arms, and got back to the present - back to Jared.

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